Steel - 1084

C (Carbon)Mn (Manganese)P (Phosphorus) (Max)S (Sulfur) (Max)
Chemical Composition for 1084

1084 is an excellent steel for the beginner to pattern welding as well as for the advanced ‘smith. It is easy to heat treat even in a simply equipped shop, and forges very well. Additionally, due to the high Manganese content, it will take on a very dark finish in etching.

1084 works well in pattern welding with:


Steel: 1084 — 2 Comments

  1. Hey just curious as to whether or not you can weld 1084 and w1 together along with 15N20 in a three steel Damascus billet there’s a lot of info on 15N20 welding to both steels but nothing about w1 and 1084 together any where . I’m curious as to if they would heat treat ok together or tear and twist ? Thanks

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