This is by no means a complete list, but it is a list of some suppliers of steel that I have used in the past.

Kelly Cupples

2807 Butterfield Rd.
Yakima, WA 98901

Kelly is a fantastic guy to deal with. He’s one of my favorite “steel

Aldo Bruno (The New Jersey Steel Baron)

Aldo gained fame for his occasional mill runs of high quality 1084. He also has 1095, O1, 52100, 1075, Crucible CPM steels and a host of other steels. In recent times Aldo has gone full time in his steel mongering. Not only can Aldo find you oddball stuff you may need, but he will now be stocking tons of newly melted and rolled steel from a German supplier in a wide range of sizes and compositions! Additionally, for his standard stocked steel material composition certificates will be available for each batch. Now you never have to wonder about specific steel chemistry again! Another great guy to deal with.


Steel Suppliers — 7 Comments

  1. I am inteested in buying some steel from you. 1085 ,1084 2075 could yu send me a price list leroy kauth

  2. I an looling for some 1084 powder. Ed Caffrey said you might have some.
    You need to change the colors on this it is WHITE printing on a WHITE background.

    • Cal,

      Sorry for missing your comment for all this time, I’m not sure how it slipped by me. I don’t actually sell materials for making Damascus. For powdered steels, contact Kelly Cupples. His contact information is listed on my suppliers page.

  3. I want to find a place that can ship steel powder to Canada with a relatively low shipping cost, all I can find so far is but the shipping cost is a little insane for my liking, a link would be great

  4. Kelly i need some 15n20 and 1085 i also need a gallon can of powdered steel i think the last stuff i got was 1085-1095 was great 1 need 40 pieces of 15n20 and 30 pieces of 1085 i think what i got before was 1 1/2 by 4’that would be great. if its bigger I doesnt matter i just need it Email or call I will give credit card info 503-318-4528

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