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    • Not dead, I’m just busy as heck! Life has thrown me nothing but curve balls lately and I haven’t had the time I’d like to work on this or any other project. It should start to get a bit closer to normal soon though.


  1. great stuff! Do you know anyone in Grants Pass/Medford Oregon Area that is into forging? At 65, I need guidance…no time for 2 decades of experimenting. Just want to make some personal knives and learn a useful skill…thanks.

    • Don,

      I don’t personally know any folks out in Oregon, but a good place to start looking is at the ABANA website. See if there is a local affiliate group of blacksmiths out your way. A quick check shows one affiliate guild in Oregon. I have no idea how far they are from you, but contacting these folks is likely to be a good start.


      Pres: Gary Lewis
      112 NE 108th Ave.
      Portland, Or. 97220-4139

      Ed: Susan Gawecki
      17706 NE Homestead Rd.
      Brush Prairie, WA 98606
      (360) 666-3398

      Additionally, check out The Shop Talk forum at bladeforums.com. It’s where I’ve learned a great deal about knifemaking. Also, if you post there looking for folks in your area you’re likely to draw somebody out of the woodwork who could help you.

      Take care,


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